We are specialised in duplication (burning) and replication (pressing) of CD, DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

You name it, we copy it: CD-rom’s containing PowerPoint presentations, websites, product catalogues, courses, software, etc. ; Audio-CD, DVD, Blu-ray disc and USB Stick.

Our state of the art duplication equipment offers the highest quality for your short run media duplications.


For small quantities or if a short production time is important duplication is used. The CD, DVD or Blu-ray Disc media are "burned" several at a time by means of duplication robots.

For printing of these small or urgent quantities we offer:

- Inkjet printing

- Waterproof printing using Taiyo Yuden WaterShield™ CD, DVD

  or Blu-ray Disc

- Digital UV Print

Starting from 250 pieces we also offer:

- Silcscreen print

- Quadri Offset print

Quantities above 500 pieces are replicated using a GlassMaster. This proces involves a longer production time and printing is always done using Silcscreen or Quadri Offset.
We also supply a full range of packaging and printed matter options: Jewel Case, Slim Case, C-Shell Box, DVD Library Box, Paper and Plastic Sleeves; CoverCards, Booklets, Inlays, etc.
We already supply Quadri Carton Sleeves and DigiPacks starting from 50 pieces!
You can also contact us for sound editing, restoration, audio CD mastering, conversion video to DVD, transcoding of video files, DVD Authoring, multimedia music and voice recording.